Gasket Hoop

W Shape Spiral Wound Gasket SS 304 Hoop 7.5 Thickness
Spiral Wound Gasket SS316L V Shape Hoop

Gasket Hoop

304 | 316L | 321
SPW Gasket Outer & Inner Ring
V | W
Preformed Width:
3.2 | 4.5mm

JinSeal Supply Kinds of Flat or V or W Shape Stainless Steel Strip Materials For Spiral Wound Gasket

Spiral Wound Gasket Hoop

Flat or V or W Shape Metallic Tape for Making Spiral Wound Gasket.

Flat Metallic Tape Also Can Be Used for Double Jacketed Gaskets and Eyelets of Gaskets

Item No.: JSU-SW20

Shaped: V or W

Thickness 0.15 - 2.0mm

Width 2.5 | 3.2 | 4.5 | 6.5| 7.5mm 

Spiral Wound Gasket Preformed Width

  • 3.6~4.0mm For 3.2mm 

  • 4.8~5.3mm For 4.5mm


  • 304(L), 316(L), 321, 317l, 31803

  • Mon400, Ti, Inconel, Hast. C/b, Zr702

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