Graphite Ring

Graphite Rings

Graphite Ring

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JinSeal Supply Two Types Flexible & Reinforced Graphite Rings with 45°C Cut or Flat



Graphite Packing Rings Are Made of Pure Flexible Graphite Paper, Which is Sheared and Pressed in a Mold by Spiral Winding of Graphite Paper to Form a Ring-like Graphite Packing with Precise Size, Definable Density, Graphite Purity Greater Than 99% and Without Any Additional Filler or Adhesive. the Surface Can Also Be Treated with Corrosion Inhibitors Such As Zinc Powder. the General Cross-section is Square, Also Can Be Wedge Form V-shaped, the Latter Two Are Suitable for High-Pressure Parts.


Reinforced Graphite Packing Ring Adds 304 Steel Strip, Steel Wire Mesh, Nickel Wire Mesh and Other Metal Materials Inside the Expanded Graphite Packing Ring, and then Pressed by the Mold to Make the Ring Graphite Packing. to Improve the Pressure Resistance of Graphite Ring, It is Generally Used in High Temperature and High-Pressure Sealing.


  • Good Self-lubrication

  • High Resilience Coefficient

  • 45 ° Cut As Your Request

  • Resistance High & Low Temperature 

  • Resistant Chemical & Corrosion 

  • Thermal & Electrically Conductive


  • Petroleum Equipment, Power Plants,

  • Chemical Industry, Steel Mills, Etc.


  • Seal Hot Water, High Temperature, High-Pressure Steam

  • Heat Exchange Media, Hydrogen, Ammonia, Organic Solvents

  • Hydrocarbons, Low-Temperature Liquids and Other Media


  • Φ5mm--Φ1000mm

  • Non-standard As Customer Requirements


Carbon  99.00%
Density 1.6-1.8g/cm
Temperature 200~450℃
Pressure  ≤35MPa
PH Range 0-14
Linear Speed  10m/s

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