Packing Extractor


Flexible Packing Extractor is Made from a Toughened, Flexible Spring Steel for Maximum Workability and Easy Packing Removal. to Suit Many Different Operation Environments, We Recommend Purchasing Packing Tool Kits and Multi-pack Packing Tool Sets to Save Time on Pump and Valve Packing Replacement.

Packing Extractor Set

Gland Packing Extractor Tool is Consists of Packing Puller, Hook, Corkscrew Woodscrew & Wrench. Packing Removal Tool Kit is Designed for Fast and Effective Removal of Packing or Packing Rings, with Different Sizes of Handle Selection and Replaceable Tapered Head, Can Meet the Requirements of Different Packing Letter Section Size. the Tough, Torsional and Flexible Handle is Easy to Use Even in Tight Spaces Where Handling is Not Easy. the Special Alloy Steel Spiral Cone Head Can Be Easily Screwed into the Packing of Various Materials and Can Be Removed Easily and Cleanly to Help You Do Your Job Better.


  • Save Time Stuffing Box Remove Old Packings

  • Protect the Shaft when Replace the Packing

  • Easy to Handle Pump & Valve Everywhere

  • Kinds Sizes to Meet All Operation Condition

  • Tools | Woodscrew | Corkscrew Durability


No. Item Size QTY No. Item Size QTY
1 Packing Puller 320MM 2 8 Packing Picks φ8 3
2 Packing Puller 260MM 2 9 Packing Picks φ6 3
3 Packing Puller 145MM 2 10  Wood Screw Tip  φ10 1
4 Packing Hook φ8 1 11 Wood Screw Tip φ8 1
5 Packing Hook φ5 1 12 Wood Screw Tip φ6 1
6 Packing Hook φ4 1 13 Wrench M6/8 1
7 Packing Picks φ10 3 14 Plastic Tool Box   1

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