Graphite Tape

Graphite Tape
Graphite Tape

Graphite Tape

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Metallic Gasket Face Sealing
0.25 - 1.0mm
5 - 100mm


Graphite Tapes Are Manufactured from High Purity Industrial Grade Flexible Graphite Sheet Without Filler and Binder Material. JinSeal Can Supply Flexible Graphite Ribbon Tape & Graphite Adhesive Tape In Order to Wide Range of Applications.


  • Item No.: JSP-EX10 Without PSA

  • Item No.: JSP-EX111 Adhesive One Side

Graphite Ribbon Tape Size

Tape Thickness Tape Width Roll Length
0.25-1.0 mm 5-100 mm 5-20 M


  • High Rebound Rate

  • Easy to Use with Low Cost

  • Excellent Self-lubricating Property

  • Superior Heat and Cold Resistance

  • Outstanding Chemical Corrosion Resistance


  • Hot Water, High Temperature, High Pressure

  • Steam, Heat Exchange Medium, Ammonia, Hydrogen

  • Organic Solvents, Hydrocarbons, Cryogenic Liquid


  • Kammpfille & Corrugated Gasket Face Sealing Material 

  • Valve Stem, Pump Stuffing Box, Chemical Industries

Data Sheet

Items Unit Data Items Unit Data
Density Terence g/cm3 ±0.06 Recovery  ≥% 15
 ≥% 98/99  ≤% 1200
Tensile Strength  ≥ Mpa 4 Chlorine   ≤% 50
Compressibility  ≥% 30  Stress Relaxation Rate  % 10
Ph   0-14 Ignition Loss Rate  ≤% 2

JinSeal also services custom graphite tape packing as your request.

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