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PTFE Sheet
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PTFE Sheet

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PTFE Sheets With Very Low Resistance with Mating Components to Offer a Free Running Sideway Surface Requiring Minimal Momentum to Move Products or Components. It Has a Very Low Surface Energy and Does Not Adhere to the Flanges. PTFE Sheet is Available As a Pure PTFE Sheet, Filled PTFE Sheet, and Expanded PTFE Sheet.


PTFE Sheet is Made of 100% pure PTFE by Mechanical Turning.  PTFE Has Excellent Properties Such As Corrosion Resistance, Aging Resistance, Insulation, and Cleanliness, So It is Widely Used in Many Fields Such As Chemical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Food, Etc.,

Advantages of PTFE Sheet

  • Resistant to Strong Acids and Strong Alkalis, Resistant to Almost All Chemical Media, Except Molten Alkali Metals and Elemental Fluorine.
  • Outstanding Insulation Performance, Good Weather Resistance, and Weather Resistance.

  • Coefficient of Friction is Low, and It is Not Easy to Bond, Easy to Install and Remove

  • Product is Clean and Can Be Used in Food, Medicine and Other Sealed Parts That Are Not Allowed to Be Contaminated

  • High Mechanical Strength, Good Turning Performance, and Easy Processing into Different Sealed Products.

  • Coefficient of Linear Expansion is Low, and It is Easy to Produce Creep or Stress Relaxation when Cold Flow and High Temperature Occur After Compression. It is Not Suitable for High Temperature and High-pressure Parts.

Item No.: JSS-PT10

JinSeal Provides 2 Types PTFE Sheets: Molede Type & Skived Type.
PTFE Molded Sheet is Produced in Molding Process with Pure Virgin PTFE Resin While Skived Sheet is Firstly Manufactured in Molding Way then Rotary Cut. the Sheet is a Cost-favorable Alternative for Use with Low Mechanical Stress and Low Pressure-temperature Load. Molded PTFE Sheet Thickness Can Be Manufactured to 50mm. 

Technical Data


  • -180 ~ +260°C


  • White


  • 0~14


  • 2.2-2.3g/cm3


  • 1/32'', 1/16'', 3/32''

  • 1/8'', 3/16'', 1/4''

  • 10mm, 20mm, 50mm


  • 60''x 60''  | 48" x 48" 

  • 1200x1200mm | 2000*1000mm 

Expanded PTFE Sheet

Item No.: JSS-PT20

JinSeal Soft PTFE Sheet is Made Up of 100% Pure PTFE Fiber Through a Special Process, It’s the Multi-directional Type Which is Similar to Gore-tex in Quality. EPTFE Sheet Provides High Strength, Low Creep, High and Low Temperature, Corrosion-resistant While Suitable to the Food Industry.

Expanded PTFE Effectively Fills Flange Imperfections for a Tight, Leak-free Seal. It is Easily Compressed Under Lower Loads, Beneficial for Applications Such As FRP or Glass-lined Flanges with Good Creep Resistance and Bolt Torque Retention Properties Even Under Higher Compressive Force.

Filled PTFE Sheet

Item No.: JSS-PT32

The Filled PTFE Sheet Are Molded PTFE Resin Mixed with the Most Frequently Used Filler Materials, Glass Fiber, Carbon Fiber and Graphite, Etc. This Style Sheet Has Improved Compression Strength, Better Abrasion Resistance, High Thermal Conductivity and Lower Expansion Compared with Pure PTFE Sheets.

Note: PTFE Material Will Become Brittle when the Temperature is Lower Than -185 ℃, and It Will Creep and Crack when It is Higher Than 200 ℃, So It Should Not Be Used at Too High Temperature. Teflon Plastic Sheet with Low Thermal Conductivity and Large Linear Expansion Coefficient Will Cause Cold Flow Under Load. Therefore, It is Recommended to Use It on the Uneven Surface of Low Temperature, Low Pressure, Full Plane, and Groove Flange. Adding Different Fillers Such As Glass Fiber, Graphite, Molybdenum Disulfide, Bronze Powder, Etc. Can Improve the Performance of PTFE Gasket

Typical Application    

  • Distilleries, Petrochemical, Food & Beverage

  • Iron and Steel Manufacturing, Pulp and Paper

  • Pharmaceutical, General Chemical, Power Generation

Item No.






100%   Expanded PTFE 

 PTFE with Barium Sulfate    Microfiber Glass, etc.




Granite White/Blue/Yellow


2.2-2.3g/cm 3

0,90 g/cm 3

2,9 g/cm 3

 Tensile strength (DIN) 



14N/mm 2

Compressibility (DIN)




Recovery (ASTM 36)




   Leakage-TA Luft     ( GB/T9129-2003 )

 1.0*10 -3 cm 3/s 

1.0*10 -3 cm 3/s

1.0*10 -3 cm 3/s


270 °C

270 °C

260 °C



200 bar

400 bar

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