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JinSeal PTFE -based Gasket Materials Are Able to Withstand Significantly More Aggressive Chemical Environments (including Highly Oxidizing Environments) Than Standard Non-asbestos Gasket Materials. However Their Temperature, Pressure and Mechanical Performance Are Inferior to Standard Non-asbestos Gasket Materials. Metal Inserted and Expanded Ptfe Are Able to Operate at Higher Pressures


  • Resistant to Strong Acids and Strong Alkalis, Resistant to Almost All Chemical Media, Except Molten Alkali Metals and Elemental Fluorine.

  • Outstanding Insulation Performance, Good Weather Resistance, and Weather Resistance.

  • the Coefficient of Friction is Low, and It is Not Easy to Bond, Easy to Install and Remove the Product is Clean and Can Be Used in Food, Medicine and Other Sealed Parts That Are Not Allowed to Be Contaminated

  • High Mechanical Strength, Good Turning Performance, and Easy Processing into Different Sealed Products.

  • the Coefficient of Linear Expansion is Low, and It is Easy to Produce Creep or Stress Relaxation when Cold Flow and High Temperature Occur After Compression. It is Not Suitable for High-temperature and High-pressure Parts.

Virgin PTFE Flat Gasket

Item No. JSG-PT10

Made of Pure Virginal PTFE, JinSeal PTFE Ring Gasket is a Cost-favorable alternative for Use with Low Mechanical Stress and Low Pressure-temperature Load. the Gasket is Highly Resistant to Practically All Chemicals Except for Fluorine, Halogen Oxides, Molten and Dissolved Alkali Metals. It is Available As a Plate and Die-cut Gasket As Per DIN En 1514-1 and in Other Usual Dimensions As Well As in Special-purpose Dimensions.

  • Operating Temperature: Max. 250 ° C

  • Operating Pressure: Max. 6 Bars

Expanded PTFE Gasket

Item No.: JSG-PT20

Die-cut Gasket Made from Multi-directional Stretched Expanded PTFE

Gasket Thickness:

  • 1 | 1.5 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 mm

  • Other Thicknesses is Available

Pressure: 40 Bars

Temperature: -200 ° C to 225 ° C

Filled PTFE Gasket 

Item No.: JSG-PT30

Compound Consisting of Modified, Cold Flow Reduced PTFE With Filled Material

  • 5-25% Glass Fiber, Silica, Barium Sulfate

  • Glass microsphere, Graphite, Carbon

Data Sheet

  • Pressure / Temperature: Pn 16 / 150 ° C

  • Attention! Consider Pressure-temperature Dependence

  • Use: Steel Flange, Steel Container


  • Steel Flange, Steel Container, Enamel Flange

  • Enamel Container, Glass Flange, Heat Exchanger

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